"Going" In The Woods

Is there anything more annoying and disgusting than finding evidence of someone else's bowel movement? If I had a nickel for every time I found the perfect hammock location only to look down and see a pile of human poo and a couple sheets of used paper...  I know you've all been there.

Anyway, this is my general strategy when I'm Prairie Doggin'.

Thought 1: Is There An Actual Restroom Nearby?

Don't poop in a hole if you can avoid it.  I know it's fun and all, but it's almost always better to use facilities designed to handle your trail dump.  That said, I've seen some gas station bathrooms that made me wonder if I could poop in a hole nearby.

Thought 2: Can I Get 200 Feet (80 steps) Away From Any Water Source?

If no... Sorry it's a Wag Bag situation.  Future post material...

If yes... Continue to Thought 3

Thought 3: Can I dig a 6" Hole in This Soil?

If no... You guessed... Another Wag Bag situation.  

If yes... Continue to Thought 4

Thought 4: How Do I Dig a Proper Cathole?

  1. Grab your Prairie Dog Shovel
  2. Dig a 6" deep hole.
  3. Poop in hole.  Click here for different positions.
  4. Wipe. Pack out TP (best practice).
  5. Fill hole with dirt.
  6. Hand Sanitizer (bare minimum)

Congratulations!  You just pooped in the woods! 

For more information on this topic check out lnt.org




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