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Prairie Dog Ultralight Shovel

Prairie Dog Ultralight Shovel

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The Prairie Dog Ultralight Shovel is an ultralight backpacking trowel that will earn its place in your pack.  Weighing only .6oz (17grams), and free from sharp/snaggy edges, this essential outdoor tool will get shoved into your backpack every time. 

This innovative piece of gear can be used from either end of the tool depending on soil conditions.  The wide-end of the shovel is highly effective for loose soil or sand, whereas the narrow-end pierces and pries its way through more difficult substrates.  

The Prairie Dog is made in the USA from aircraft grade 7075-T6 anodized aluminum, making it highly durable, light, and corrosion resistant.  

Every piece of gear in your pack has the chance to be awesome when it's go time, even the lowly backpacking shovel.  The Prairie Dog is engineered with purpose, manufactured by craftsman, and created using the finest materials available.  The result is a beautifully functional backpacking trowel that you will appreciate each time you use it.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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