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Prairie Dog Ultralight Shovel (10 Pack for Resellers)

Prairie Dog Ultralight Shovel (10 Pack for Resellers)

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They Practically Sell Themselves

The Prairie Dog Shovel is a perfect fit for your outfitter, camp trading post, or local sporting goods store.

  • Carried by awesome backpacking brands such as Enlightened Equipment and Garage Grown Gear!
  • Custom laser etching (Free of Charge) for your establishment makes a fun and practical souvenir.
  • Unique design draws in potential customers and immediately generates interest.
  • State of the art digging tool that comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
  • Made in the USA by people with passion for the industry and hiking community.
  • Committed to environmental stewardship and conservation.


  • Retail/MAP: $20.00/shovel
  • Your Cost: $13.00/shovel (35% margin)
  • Lead Time: 5-7 business days
  • Minimum: 10 shovels
  • Freight: $15.00 Priority Flat Rate USPS

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