Company Overview

The Prairie Dog Shovel is currently owned and operated by Chris Schabow based out of Holmen, WI.  He and his family will pick up where former owner Matt Chenot left off in late 2020.  Matt started the company in 2017 because he had a vision to redesign a woefully neglected piece of gear found in nearly everyone's pack, the lowly camp shovel.  Matt's goal was to design an ultralight shovel that had multiple spade faces, no snaggy edges, and modular enough to adapt too many different use cases. 

We have many fun things planned for the brand including a complete web-store redesign, engaging socials, custom etching for outfitters carrying the shovel, and future product development.  Conservation, nerdy fun, and supporting the trail community will be the driving forces of this backpacking brand.

Thank you for checking out our page, and our shovel.  We hope that our passion for the great outdoors and technical gear enhances key aspects of your next outdoor experience.